Enhance your knowledge sharing experience with our Slack integration.

Help your team be more productive by staying within the tools they find most valuable

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How our integration with Slack works

Improve your Slack experience with our knowledge base integration

Imagine tapping into your collective company knowledge within Slack without disrupting a team member or wasting time sifting through unrelated threads. The Slack integration with Stack Overflow for Teams empowers team members to find information without leaving their current workstreams. See how it works below:

Ask questions from Slack

Stack Overflow for Teams fits right into your existing Slack workflow. Ask a question using /stack ask and reduce context and tool switching. Use the embedded modal window to post a question directly in Teams without leaving Slack.

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Add Notifications in Slack

Get instant, customized Slack notifications for transparent knowledge sharing. Notifications can be added to public and private channels* for activities including: mentions, Questions, Answers, and Comments. Users also have the ability to manage Slack notifications without leaving the chat application.

Search for knowledge in Slack

Stay within Slack and simply type /stack search and to view all of your Team’s helpful knowledge on a particular topic. Search results include questions and answers or our long-form knowledge stored in Articles.

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Slack org wide install

Make administration easier through
Org-Wide App Installs

Our integration supports Org-Wide App Installs, a feature from Slack that allows Admins to distribute an application across all workspaces. Pre-approved apps can be auto installed when a workplace is created and users only have to authenticate with the app once for all workspaces that have access to it.

Why companies use
Stack Overflow for Teams alongside Slack.

Intelligent Search

We power our search with tags and keywords so team members can find answers that are most relevant to their question.

Up-to-date information

Answers have prominent timestamps and are easily editable so team members can trust that the answers they find are the most up to date and accurate.

Integrated workflows

One source of knowledge that feeds into developers' existing workflows, like Slack. Developers don't have to break their stride to search multiple tools for an answer.

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