Resolve issues faster than before with our Jira integration

Improve the productivity of your technical team with access to the knowledge they need without leaving Jira.

Install Jira integration
Illustration of the Jira integration
Stack Overflow Teams app in Jira interface

More answers in the tools you love best

Access the information you need without leaving your prefered issue and product tracking software. Seamlessly view related questions and answers to your task at hand in Jira while keeping knowledge stored within Teams.

Using Jira in Stack Overflow for Teams

Master productivity

Save time and clicks with embedded links to Jira tickets referenced within a question or answer on Teams. View contextual information about a ticket including the ticket type, status, and date it was created.

Managing multiple Jira integrations in Teams

No extra fees

The integration is available on Jira’s SaaS solution, Jira Software Cloud. The integration is free of charge and offered to our Business and Enterprise customers.

Talk to one of our experts to learn more

Jira marketplace app is to be used on our Business tier. Enterprise customers, please contact your Account Manager for the integration.